Design & implementation
Max IR's entire team is made up of physicists. They sought to build a site that would make their product accessible to the general public, thereby utilizing their innovative technology for a variety of applications. The site we designed and built for them visually conveys the essence of the product, while simultaneously conveying a sense of innovative and useful technology with its look & feel.
Live preview
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Icon Design

Magnifier and drop icon

Analyzes In Any Liquid

Drops with a partition icon

No Liquid Interference

Location icon

Operates On-site

Clock icon

Real-time Results

Data sheet and ruler icon

Accurate Measurements

Video & motion
With the purpose of making the product's explanation more accessible, we created an animation that expresses a change in wavelength as a result of the presence of a certain substance in the aqueous medium.
MaxIR Diagram

Look & feel

Light Pink

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