Segsec are checking every relevant new domain purchase on their clients list. This allows a bank’s security team to see all suspicious impersonators in an actionable list, where they can take action against the attacker, like sending fake data by the millions or reporting a phishing attempt to the hosting supplier.

A suspicious domain can be further investigated by the bank, with a full, real-time scanning details screen. An historical view of all attacks can be watched in a detailed timeline.

The system was designed in a bright and a dark mode, and for desktop & mobile.
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Success story
Segasec started selling their product early on and had a list of impressive clients.Together, we created a first version of their product’s interface, which grew fast and became a full deep analytic platform for security teams.

Segsec was acquired by Mimecast in January 2020, just 2.5 years after it was founded.
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