RevDX portable testing lab

RevDX is a new invention that is going to change healthcare forever. This revolutionary device allows users to get lab-quality blood tests done anywhere.

This project is a great example of how we work with our partners, IoT chefs who are experts in developing innovative products.

To design a user-friendly interface for an unusual device, we had to think outside the box. We created an easy-to understand layout so medical staff from any background could understand what they're seeing and easily figure out their next steps.
Dashboard mockup
The story
problem & solution
It's a problem that affects millions of people around the world. They live too far from clinic or they simply can't afford it! RevDX device offers an easy-to-use finger prick test that is easy to use and does not require any electricity, connectivity or laboratory conditions, making this a perfect product for remote areas where few other options exist.
Revdex ProductRevdex Product
The user
who uses the product?
The RevDX device is a medical tool that can be used by anyone, no matter their background or level of education. It has been designed to make healthcare more efficient and accurate while reducing patient stress throughout every step in the process.
Revdex processRevdex process
The process
Creating user experience
Small but important decision
The test takes a few minutes, so we decided to move patient details collection step AFTER taking the blood sample rather than beforehand as is customary in healthcare settings. Filling those extra minutes waiting for results with paperwork instead of just sitting there motionless and getting increasingly anxious makes it less stressful on patients and saves time for the clinics.
Dashboard mockup
Test results
The most difficult UI challenge in this project was figuring out how to fit all the test results onto one small screen without making it too cluttered or overwhelming. That's where the toggle view comes in handy - users can switch between seeing numbers and percentages easily with just a single click! The red highlights make any abnormal findings easy to spot, plus printing the findings in PDF format ensures patients can be provided with copies of their results.
Dashboard mockup
Working with us
Testimonials from the client and the dev team
Studio Mondeo and especially Einat, who we worked closely with on our project, answered all our requirements in the most professional manner possible. The designs were creative and Einat's understanding of what we were asking for was not obvious and was always delivered quickly and without unnecessary iterations. highly recommend.
Amir Lubashevsky, CMO, EfA Technologies (RevDX)
Amir Lubashevsky, CMO, EfA Technologies (RevDX)
Mondeo Studio is an amazing partner to work with. We turn to them whenever we need UX/UI and design experts, and they always go above and beyond to deliver amazing design for our customers
Nir Klein, Founder, CEO, IoT Chefs
Nir Klein, Founder, CEO, IoT Chefs

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