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Home is not just where you live - it is also the communities you are a part of. Whether you’re a city resident or just visiting, the feeling of belonging, of being a part of the local crowed, makes your stay meaningful and pleasant. Steps is THE app for discovering new places through knowledge sharing with your communities.
Our UX and UI solutions for Steps included user friendly workflows and delightful interactions, so that using the app is easy for everyone that wants to take part of building the community. The clean and playful design is meant to make you feel like home.
Dashboard Design
Dashboard mockup
Manage Your Steps
We aim for simplicity of the managing interface, so that users can easily create their maps and really get to know their surroundings. There is also a business side of course: the designed managing tools allows you to promote certain steps or certain sponsors, and to control the content your community members see.
Dashboard mockup
Moblie App
Mobile app mockupMobile app mockupMobile app mockup
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interaction design


Design & implementation
The website was designed to quickly let you know what Steps is all about and get you started with joining a map or creating one of your own.

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