Branding Redesign for Classiq:
Making Complexity Feel Effortless

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Mondeo & Classiq

A lot of people think that good design is all about making things look pretty. This isn't true. Good design is all about solving problems. Mondeo Studio is a UX/UI design agency that understands how to solve problems with design.
Our designs bridge form and function to create seamless user experiences.

classiq logo is a groundbreaking platform that simplifies and accelerates the design process of quantum circuits. Catering to both beginners and experienced designers, the Classiq platform offers an intuitive interface for generating, analyzing, and executing quantum circuits with ease.

The challenge

After splurging on a flashy branding project from another studio, Classiq’s marketing team was stuck with stunning 3D animations that looked amazing, but were too complex and costly for the marketing team to manage. Every new asset was expensive to design and it was getting in the way of getting things done.

Even worse? The fancy 3D animation didn’t quite capture the essence of Classiq’s quantum computing message.

How we saved the day

Classiq turned to Mondeo for a scalable design solution that would empower their marketing team to launch campaigns quickly & without breaking the bank.

Our mission was to revamp Classiq's design to make creating assets simpler while keeping the awesome branding intact. So we kept the 3D elements  but simplified the overall design.

Check out the stunning marketing assets we’ve created!


Video & motion

Explainer video

Script, storyboard, motion and sound design. We did it all in collaboration with the client to get the perfect end result.

Dashboard mockup
Animation for deck
Video to be displayed on
Nasdaq Stock Exchange in New York
Animated banners & gifs
main whatsapp gif
mail gif
main email gif

Marketing collateral

Brochures, banners, presentation design & company template.

Revived product brochure

With the brochure, we added a pop of color to break up the darkness that had made it look quite tired on their website after so many years.

Dashboard mockup
classiq use case example
classiq use case example

Event collateral

The Quantum Challenge

We created all the assets for this event, designed to create the perfect buzz around Classiq and attract new potential hires. With our work we generated a flurry of excitement that had people talking about Classiq.

Landing pages
classiq use case example
classiq use case exampleclassiq use case example
classiq t shirtclassiq use case example
classiq use case example
classiq use case example
classiq use case example
classiq use case example
classiq use case example
classiq use case example
classiq use case example
classiq use case example
application received email
classiq use case exampleclassiq use case example

Employer branding

When Classiq needed to boost their brand and appeal to potential employees, our team designed a range of employer branding materials that accurately conveyed the brand's values, including decks, emails, banners, and merch.

classiq use case exampleclassiq welcome imgclassiq use case exampleclassiq use case exampleclassiq sox
classiq use case exampleclassiq use case example

Stickers for
Classiq’s office!

When Classiq needed to spruce up their office with a unique  and eye-catching design, they called on Mondeo to handle the project. With our help, the office was transformed into a work of art.


We Nailed This Project
Don't just take our word for it!

I started working with Einat and her studio following a competitive selection process. A cybersecurity company I was managing at the time needed a brand new product UI. Initially, we selected Einat's studio (Mondeo) because of their extensive portfolio, the fact that they really listened to us, responsiveness, and reasonable fees.

Selecting Mondeo turned out to be a fantastic decision, and I continued to turn to their services repeatedly, spanning diverse projects. I worked with Mondeo when I ran an AgTech company and as CMO of a quantum computing software company.

Mondeo handled the entire stack of design needs: UI to video, social media, trade shows, presentation templates to brochures, and more.

During this time, we worked with 3-4 people at Mondeo, and they were all excellent. I particularly enjoyed:

  • Their attention to detail and desire to meet our deadlines, no matter how crazy they were.

  • Their creativity

  • Their ability to take graphics assets and a design language from a previous studio and evolve it without departing from the original ideas.

  • Einat's supervision. I remember at least once when she said, "we delivered the work, but I took another look at it, and it could be even better. Let me improve this for you at no cost".

  • Their dedication to understanding what I wanted, even if it was not always clear at first.I would jump at the opportunity to work with Einat again, and so should you.

I would jump at the opportunity to work with Einat again, and so should you.

classiq logo

Yuval Boger, Chief marketing officer

classiq ceo

Our services

Looking for a fast and cost-effective design solution that will empower your team's creativity and get your message across?

Join Classiq and hundreds of other happy startups and discover how our talented design team can help you achieve your goals!

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