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Discover a Brand New Standard of

Digital Design.

With delightful concepts and end-to-end experiences that seamlessly capture, keep and guide the attention of your visitors.
Whether you’d like to
communicate ideas, stories, information, products, or your company identity,
we strive to reflect your brand’s own values and personality on every page, in every image, with contemporary finesse and exquisite simplicity.

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Our Main  Services

Whatever your project, we take the time to have thoughtful, thorough consideration of your current needs and future aspirations, and provide end-to-end solutions.


Fusing the art and science of design to drive the results you desire  —
we believe UX and UI represent mind and heart, respectively.
For meaningful designs that move your visitors on both the intellectual and emotional levels, the two must blend and complement each other.
 For years, we’ve combined well-structured, well-considered UX with beautifully-produced UI for stunning and intuitive websites, apps, and graphical user interfaces (GUIs). From UI facelifts to full A-to-Z design, from cross-platform UX conceptualization to mockups and wireframes, our designs are effective, enjoyable, and elegant.
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Market-leading design platforms
With which we create every digital asset imaginable, at the highest level of quality.
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Advanced pre-production prototyping
To review concepts and share feedback in the early stages, easing your development team’s workflow.
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Effective teamwork
We build targeted teams for your project-related needs, working with talented, proven content writers, website and app developers, and UX experts.

Full Branding

Phenomenal aesthetics and all-around consistency
to ensure the success of your online, offline and mixed-mode branding efforts.
From creating a custom logo design that will promote instant brand recognition, to offering extensive digital and print solutions for your website, mobile app, presentations, trade show signage and more, our experienced innovation-loving designers will make your business spark interest and be remembered.
With an impressive visual identity, your brand will have a lasting impact on your potential and existing clients, employees, and business partners.


Connecting implementable design with scalable code
Our inhouse coders work in tandem with our designers to make sure your website is just the way you want it.
Our team works together in a tight incremental loop to find and create the right blend of personality and functionality for your website. Our coders bring forth impeccable coding language skills and tools, SEO-friendliness, the visionary ability to imagine how things should work and the necessary skill to translate this into reality.
Like a new discovery, we work to make the code useful for both people and computers. And like art, we polish and perfect it before we expose the final product to the public. The result is a mix of powerful technology and artistic charm.

Video & Motion

The ultimate show-and-tell at every stage of your marketing
Our videos don’t just tell a message. They cut through the chatter and convey the deepest meaning of your brand.
Whether it’s a promo, an animated or live-action explainer, a case study, a product launch or a review, we successfully turn your vision into creative action. Through effective animations, we help you to turn your audience’s pain points into brand touch-points. We empower you to leave a visual impact and boost brand awareness.
In this media-saturated era, we recognize what works. Whether you are promoting a product, a service or a cause, we know what it takes to achieve your video marketing goals.

Our Clients

We think collectively
and act collaboratively
When you work with us, you reap the benefits of our strong, inclusive, supportive energy. You enjoy the peace of mind that comes from working with a customer-success driven team that cares for you and advocates for you.
From brand-new startups to the most established global brands, our clients include numerous B2B, B2C, B2G and B2B2C companies. Among them we count businesses of various sizes, many verticals, and multiple markets.
Our designers make sure to regularly and proactively check in with your team, whether it’s the CEO, product leaders, marketing strategists, administrative manager or the people in your development team. Simply let us know who our go-to people are, and we’ll take care of the rest.
What our clients say about us — in their own words.
Launching and scaling a startup can be really intense – especially in a market as competitive as Travel Technology. Therefore, it was crucial for us to find a design studio who could keep up with our pace of development. Einat & her team delivered exactly what we needed: relentless focus on the user, high-end designs, and truly agile partnership. We were so happy with the relationship that we had them do our investor and client presentations as well. I recommended their services to others – and will continue to do so.
Amit Golan, CEO & Co-founder at Trip Sciences
Amit Golan
What our clients say about us — in their own words.
We added Einat and her designers to our Frontend Slack team. They were very responsive at all hours of the day – answering questions from developers, reviewing screenshots of their work and providing feedback. Creating a great design in Photoshop is one thing, but working with the developers to make the final product look as great as the design is something else, and they excel in it.
Nadav Tau, head of front-end team, Sedona Systems
Nadav Tau
What our clients say about us — in their own words.
I know the Grafov team from the time they were a brand new company. If I said their fingerprints are on each of our design projects, I would not be exaggerating. They did our full branding, logo, website, software GUI, trade show materials… even office wall art! Every person who works here knows them, and has collaborated with them on a project at some point. It’s a pleasure to see them grow so rapidly: they have earned every bit of their success.
Alex Friedman, co-founder and VP R&D, E8 Storage
Alex Friedman
Asaf Ofer
CTO & Co-Founder
“At the end of the day, UX/UI IS our business. We are not a deep-tech company: we succeed in the market because of flawless execution,  great UX/UI, and seamless experience.  And Mondeo developed a design language that works great for our users.”
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How We  Work

We’re lifelong students of form — we learn new software, explore different typographies, play with shapes, proportions, images and colors, until we create that “wow” factor for your unique project. We do all this in three steps.


First, we immerse ourselves in your product/service, company and industry; we also research your competitors. Then, we create a dedicated team around your business: a designer from our studio, accompanied by any outside experts you might need, such as a content writer. This micro-team comes up with initial design ideas, employing any software tools necessary in the process. They create the first round of UX wireframes and mockups.


We then create a fun inspiration board with all kinds of initial ideas, followed by the first sketch. The team uses your existing "Brand Bible," or creates one for you! Staying loyal to this visual language, they send you the new design and make changes iteratively until you’re 100% satisfied.


Working closely with all relevant parties, such as web/app developers, frontend team, booth constructors, printing facilities and others, we not only get the job done, but also wow you and your customers.

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